I've a Poem/Win a Book

I think the poem’s pretty hot, probably the best poem in the English language since “Song of Myself.”

I've a Haiku

Goddamn, my eyes burn.

Poem of the Week: Seven of the Eight Parts of Speech

Adverbs: none; adverbs are for losers and cowards

Poem of the Week: "Into the Fog"

The following is part of the second stanza of a poem entitled Into the Fog. I've been stuck for a third stanza for almost two years now, but I'm waiting patiently for inspiration.

Poem of the Week: "The Consolations," the Second Version

Last week, people, I posted the first stanza of The Consolations, the poem that, if I ever get another poetry collection published will be both the title poem and the first poem in the book. There's going to be a poem by that same name as the last poem in the theoretical collection.

Poem of the Week: "The Consolations"

My homegirl is dropping hot fire on her blog, as usual, and, on today's post, I got name-checked.

Poem of the Week: "Letter to Sonya, After Everything Came Apart"

1999. I was back in Madtown, watching baseball with my dad and reading a really lousy poem in a literary journal, a pen in my hand. The poem made me think of a friend of mine from grad school because I knew that she would have disliked the poem, too.

Poem of the Week: "Into America"

I wrote Into America as an assignment for David Wagoner's grad workshop at UW. The assignment was to write a poem where every line ended with an "r" sound. Going in, I didn't think that the assignment would produce a poem that might end up in my book manuscript, but the only major change I ever made to the poem was to break the lines so that every other line ended with an "r" sound.

Poem of the Week: "Something Like Enlightenment"

A few months ago, Erica O., one of my fellow former Wisconsin Institute Fellows sent me an article that she had recently had published. The writing, of course, was lovely, and one sentence really jumped out at me. I knew immediately that I wanted to use that sentence as a basis for a poem.

Poem of the Week: "Today"

Okay, I didn't get a chance to post a poem when I was in Las Vegas. Sorry about that, but here's a poem that  I'll be reading tomorrow at a taping for a local PBS show coming out of Fresno. I'm not sure when the show will be on, but I'll update once I do know.

The poem's in three sections, and the first section was the first thing that I ever wrote in a creative writing class.
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