Poem of the Week: Seven of the Eight Parts of Speech

Okay, I'm still not done with the March Poker Report, but I'm getting close. And I don't really have a new poem for my webiste; I'd have to actually write a poem first for that to happen, and I've been a little busy lately.

Instead, I'm going to give you some lists of words for a poem that you can write your damn self.


Word Lists:


Adjectives: tingly, broken, pretty

Adverbs: none; adverbs are for losers and cowards

Verbs: mingle, pronate, alphabetize

Nouns: telephone, humidifier, automatic trannsmission, banana

Interjections: see Adverbs

Prepositions: under, against, without

Conjunctions: after, although, when, where


Okay, those are the lists. If the poem that you write brings you fame and glory (relatively speaking; this is, after all, poetry about which we're talking), I promise to be very, very jealous.